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memory Buffer Plugin

The memory buffer plugin provides a fast buffer implementation. It uses memory to store buffer chunks. When Fluentd is shut down, buffered logs that can’t be written quickly are deleted.

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Example Config

<match pattern>
  buffer_type memory
Please see the Config File article for the basic structure and syntax of the configuration file.


buffer_type (required)

The value must be memory.


The size of each buffer chunk. The default is 8m. The suffixes “k” (KB), “m” (MB), and “g” (GB) can be used. Please see the Buffer Plugin Overview article for the basic buffer structure.


The length limit of the chunk queue. Please see the Buffer Plugin Overview article for the basic buffer structure. The default limit is 64 chunks.


The interval between data flushes. The suffixes “s” (seconds), “m” (minutes), and “h” (hours) can be used


If true, queued chunks are flushed at shutdown process. The default is true. If false, queued chunks are discarded unlike buf_file.


The interval between retries. The suffixes “s” (seconds), “m” (minutes), and “h” (hours) can be used.

Last updated: 2016-10-21 06:29:58 UTC

Versions | v0.12 (td-agent2) | v0.10 (td-agent1)

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