Versions | v0.14 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2) | v0.10 (td-agent1)

This page is for v0.10, not the latest stable version which is v0.12. For the latest stable version of this article, click here.


Fluentd has a thriving developer and user community. Here are some ways to come join the conversation!

Get in Touch

Whether you have technical questions or just want to mingle with fellow community members, we’ve got you covered.


Help others learn about the value of Fluentd by sharing what you’ve built!

Whether it be a company/community tech talk, a conference talk proposal, or a blog article, if you have a great story to tell we’ll be happy to help spread the word. Tweet us at (#fluentd and @fluentd) about how you are using Fluentd!


Our meetups are a great way to mingle with fellow Fluentd developers and users. Come share your ideas, discuss your challenges, and learn from each other.


An Open Source project like Fluentd couldn’t exist without contributions from the developer community. Take a look at our source code repository and issue list, and consider submitting a patch.

We run the documentation as an open source project as well. We encourage and appreciate any improvements, big or small. Make a pull request!

Last updated: 2016-06-06 04:47:13 UTC

Versions | v0.14 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2) | v0.10 (td-agent1)

If this article is incorrect or outdated, or omits critical information, please let us know. Fluentd is a open source project under Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), originally invented by Treasure Data, Inc. All components are available under the Apache 2 License.

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