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td-agent v1 vs. td-agent v2

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Supported Platforms

Treasure Data, Inc. maintains stable packages for Fluentd and canonical plugins as Treasure Agent (the package is called td-agent). td-agent has v1 and v2, and v2 is NOT backward-compatible with v1. That said, v2 supports more platforms and incorporates all future improvements.

v1 v2
RedHat/CentOS 5/6
RedHat/CentOS 7
Ubuntu Lucid
Ubuntu Precise
Ubuntu Trusty
Ubuntu Xenial
Debian Squeeze
Debian Wheezy
Debian Jessie


Major feature updates to td-agent v2 are as follows.

  • Ruby 2.5(td-agent 2.5 or later) / Ruby 2.1(td-agent 2.3 or earlier)
  • Fluentd v0.12
  • Updated for the core libraries, msgpack,, etc.
  • Changed the installation directory from /usr/{lib,lib64}/fluent to /opt/td-agent
  • td-agent-gem utility command was added
    • To install a third-party plugin, use /usr/sbin/td-agent-gem command
    • This utility was introduced to resolve the issues around rvm.
  • Uses Fluentd v1 configuration by default

Upgrading from v1 to v2

Because v1 and v2 package structure are not compatible, update commands provided by package managers (ex: yum update) cannot be used to migrate from v1 to v2. To upgrade from v1 to v2:

  1. Uninstall v1.
  2. Install v2.
  3. Install the plugins for v2.

If your current td-agent v1 deployment uses third-party plugins, make sure that they are compatible with v2 (Most of them should work out of the box).

td-agent v1 becomes the “old” stable version

Since there is a large existing user base for td-agent v1, it will be maintained as the “old” stable version. td-agent v1 will use Fluentd v0.10.x.

If using Fluentd/td-agent for the first time/a new project, td-agent v2 is strongly recommended.

How to Install

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Versions | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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