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Storage Plugin Helper API

storage helper manages plugin’s internal states.

Here is the code example with storage helper:

require 'fluent/plugin/input'

module Fluent::Plugin
  class ExampleInput < Input
    Fluent::Plugin.register_input('awesome_example', self)

    # 1. load storage helper
    helpers :storage, :thread


    # omit shutdown and other plugin API

    def initialize
      @storage = nil

    def configure(conf)

      # 2. create storage with unique name
      config = conf.elements(name: 'storage').first
      @storage = storage_create(usage: 'awesome_index', conf: config, default_type: DEFAULT_STORAGE_TYPE)

    def start
      # 3. call storage plugin helpers get/put methods
      @storage.put(:awesome_index, 0) unless @storage.get(:awesome_index)
      thread_create(:awesome_input_runner, &method(:run))

    def run
      while thread_current_running?
        current_time =
        break unless (thread_current_running? && <= current_time)
        router.emit('awesome',, generate)
        sleep 0.1

    def generate
      # 4+. update storage plugin helper's storing value
      @storage.update(:awesome_index){|v| v + 1}

Created storage is managed by the plugin. No need storage shutdown code in plugin’s shutdown. The plugin shutdowns created storages automatically.

For more details about configuration, see Storage section.

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storage_create(usage: ‘’, type: nil, conf: nil, default_type: nil)

This method executes storage with given parameters and routine

  • usage: unique string value. Default is ''.
  • type: storage plugin type. Default is nil.
  • conf: storage plugin configuration. Default is nil.
  • default_conf: storage plugin default configuration. Default is nil.

Storage plugin helper instance types

instance type Attributes
Raw persistent && persistent_always? || otherwise
Persistent Wrapper persistent
Synchronized Wrapper !synchronized?


Storage plugins will handle as-is.

Persistent Wrapper

This wrapper makes handled storage plugin should operate values persistently.

Synchronized Wrapper

This wrapper makes handled storage plugin should operate values synchronizedly.

Common methods

Storage plugin helper encapsulates storage plugin implementation. Normally, the following methods will be called by owner plugin through this plugin helper.


This method loads persistently stored value by storage plugin.


This method save value persistently by storage plugin.


  • key: symbol value.

This method obtains stored value by key.

fetch(key, defval)

  • key: symbol value.
  • defval: default value.

This method obtains stored value by key. If missing, it returns default value.

put(key, value)

  • key: symbol value.
  • value: store value.

This method update stored value by key.


  • key: symbol value.

This method delete stored value by key.

update(key, &block)

  • key: symbol value.
  • &block: a Proc object.

This method update stored value by Proc object.

storage used plugins

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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3)

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