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GeoIP Filter Plugin

The filter_geoip Filter plugin adds geographic location information to logs using the Maxmind GeoIP databases.

This document doesn't describe all parameters. If you want to know full features, check the Further Reading section.

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The GeoIP library.

# for RHEL/CentOS
$ sudo yum group install "Development Tools"
$ sudo yum install geoip-devel --enablerepo=epel

# for Ubuntu/Debian
$ sudo apt install build-essential
$ sudo apt install libgeoip-dev

# for MacOSX (brew)
$ brew install geoip
libmaxminddb for GeoIP2 is bundled to geoip2_c.


filter_geoip is not included in td-agent. All users must install the fluent-plugin-geoip gem using the following command.

$ fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-geoip
$ sudo /usr/sbin/td-agent-gem install fluent-plugin-geoip

For more details, see Plugin Management.

Example Configuration

The configuration shown below adds geolocation information to apache.access.

<filter access.apache>
  @type geoip

  # Specify one or more geoip lookup field which has ip address (default: host)
  geoip_lookup_keys  host

  # Specify optional geoip database (using bundled GeoLiteCity databse by default)
  # geoip_database    "/path/to/your/GeoIPCity.dat"
  # Specify optional geoip2 database (using bundled GeoLite2 database by default)
  # geoip2_database   "/path/to/your/GeoLite2-City.mmdb"
  # Specify backend library (geoip2_c, geoip, geoip2_compat)
  backend_library geoip2_c

  # Set adding field with placeholder (more than one settings are required.)
    city            ${city.names.en["host"]}
    latitude        ${location.latitude["host"]}
    longitude       ${location.longitude["host"]}
    country         ${country.iso_code["host"]}
    country_name    ${country.names.en["host"]}
    postal_code     ${postal.code["host"]}
    region_code     ${subdivisions.0.iso_code["host"]}
    region_name     ${subdivisions.0.names.en["host"]}

  # To avoid get stacktrace error with `[null, null]` array for elasticsearch.
  skip_adding_null_record  true
Please see the fluent-plugin-geoip README for further details.

Plugin helpers


Common Parameters


type default version
string bundled 1.0.0

Path to GeoIP database file.


type default version
string bundled 1.0.0

Path to GeoIP2 database file.


type default version
array [“host”] 1.2.0

Specify one or more geoip lookup field which has IP address.

See record_accessor about nested attributes.

NOTE Since v1.3.0 does not interpret host.ip as nested attribute.


type default version
string host 1.0.0

Specify one or more geoip lookup field which has ip address.

This parameter has been deprecated since v1.2.0.


type default version
bool false 1.0.0

Set to true to skip adding field with [null, null] array.

This is useful for elasticsearch.


type default available values version
enum geoip2_c geoip, geoip2_compat, geoip2_c 1.0.0

Set backend library.

Use cases

Plot real time access statistics on a world map using Elasticsearch and Kibana

The country_code field is needed to visualize access statistics on a world map using Kibana.

Note: The following plugins are required: * fluent-plugin-geoip * fluent-plugin-elasticsearch

<filter apache.access>
  @type geoip
  backend_library geoip2_c

  # Set key name for the client ip address values
  geoip_lookup_keys     host

  # Specify key name for the country_code values
    country_code ${country.iso_code["host"]}
    country_name ${country.names.en["host"]}

<match apache.access>
  @type           elasticsearch
  host            localhost
  port            9200
  type_name       apache
  logstash_format true
  flush_interval  10s

Further Reading

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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3)

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