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stdout Filter Plugin

The filter_stdout filter plugin prints events to stdout (or logs if launched with daemon mode). This filter plugin is useful for debugging purposes.

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Example Configurations

filter_stdout is included in Fluentd’s core. No installation required.

<filter pattern>
  @type stdout

A sample output is as follows:

2017-11-28 11:43:13.814351757 +0900 tag: {"field1":"value1","field2":"value2"}

where the first part shows the output time, the second part shows the tag, and the third part shows the record.

Plugin helpers


Common Parameters

@type (required)

The value must be stdout.

<format> section

See Format section configurations for more details.


type default version
string stdout 0.14.5

The format of output.


type default version
string json 0.14.5

This is the option of stdout format. Configure the format of record (third part). Any formatter plugins can be specified.

<inject> section

See Inject section configurations for more details.

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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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