Install By Chef

This article explains how to install Fluentd using Chef.

Step0: Before Installation

Please follow the Preinstallation Guide to configure your OS properly. This will prevent many unnecessary problems.

Step1: Import Recipe

The chef recipe to install td-agent can be found here. Please import the recipe, add it to run_list, and upload it to the Chef Server.

Step2: Run chef-client

Please run chef-client to install td-agent across your machines.

Next Steps

You're now ready to collect your real logs using Fluentd. Please see the following tutorials to learn how to collect your data from various data sources.

If this article is incorrect or outdated, or omits critical information, please let us know. Fluentd is a open source project under Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). All components are available under the Apache 2 License.

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