Versions | v0.14 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2) | v0.10 (td-agent1)

This page is for v0.14, not the latest stable version which is v0.12. For the latest stable version of this article, click here.

Fluentd Enterprise Support Portal

This article describes the Enterprise support program provided by Treasure Data.

If you are a Fluentd Service provider wanting to get listed here, please refer to the ENTERPRISE PROVIDER guidelines

how to access Fluentd’s enterprise support portal.

This feature is limited to Fluentd Enterprise customers.

Table of Contents

Account Creation

Treasure Data representative will create the access credential for you.

Support Portal Access

Please access to, and type in your login credential.

Submit a Ticket

After you logged in, please click Submit a request link.

Then, please input your inquiry’s Subject, Description, Priority, and Attachment. We HIGHLY recommend to attach the log file (/var/log/td-agent/td-agent.log) and config file (/etc/td-agent/td-agent.conf), since that will be the first question we always ask for you.

Last updated: 2016-06-13 06:11:23 UTC

Versions | v0.14 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2) | v0.10 (td-agent1)

If this article is incorrect or outdated, or omits critical information, please let us know. Fluentd is a open source project under Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). All components are available under the Apache 2 License.

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