td-agent v2 vs v3 vs v4

Supported Platforms

ClearCode, Inc. maintains stable packages for Fluentd and canonical plugins as Treasure Agent (the package is called td-agent). td-agent has v2, v3 and v4. Calyptia, Inc. maintains stable packages as Calyptia-fluentd as another option. Supported OS is the same as td-agent v4 currently.


td-agent v4

New stable. Major feature updates to td-agent v4 are as follows:

  • Ruby 2.7

  • Fluentd v1

  • Arm64 Support

See also Changes from Treasure Agent 3.

td-agent v3

Old stable.

  • Ruby 2.4

  • Fluentd v1

  • Windows Support

  • Remove fluentd-ui from the package

td-agent v2

This is for v0.12 and old distribution users. We don't recommend this version for new deployments.

How to Install

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