Metrics Plugins

Fluentd has nine (9) types of plugins:

This article gives an overview of Metrics Plugin.


Sometimes, the input/filter/output plugin needs to save its internal metrics in memory, influxdb or prometheus format ready in instances. Fluentd has a pluggable system called Metrics that lets a plugin store and reuse its internal state as metrics instances.

How To Use

On Fluentd core, metrics plugin will handled on <metrics> on <system> to set up easily.

Here is an example with metrics_local:

    @type local

local type plugin should provide equivalent behavior before Fluentd v1.13. This metrics type should provide single numeric value storing functionality.

And this local type plugin should be used by default.

List of Built-in Metrics Plugins

List of Base Plugin classes with Metrics support

  • Fluent::Plugin::Input for Input plugin base class

  • Fluent::Plugin::Output for most of output plugin base class

  • Fluent::Plugin::Filter for Filter plugin base class

  • Fluent::Plugin::MultiOutput for out_copy plugin base class

  • Fluent::Plugin::BareOutput for fluent-plugin-forest output plugin base class

List of 3rd party metrics plugins

NOTE: This 3rd party metrics plugin list does not fully covers all of them.

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