fluent-package v5 vs td-agent v4

Supported Platforms

Fluentd Project maintains stable packages for Fluentd and canonical plugins as Fluent Package (the package is called fluent-package) which is formerly known as td-agent.


RedHat/CentOS 7

RedHat/CentOS 8

RedHat/CentOS 9

Amazon Linux 2

Amazon Linux 2023



Ubuntu Focal

Ubuntu Jammy

Debian Buster



Debian Bullseye

Debian Bookworm










fluent-package v5

New stable. Major feature updates to fluent-package v5 are as follows:

See also Changes from Treasure Agent 4

td-agent v4

Old stable. Major feature updates to td-agent v4 are as follows:

  • Ruby 2.7

  • Fluentd v1

  • Arm64 Support

See also Changes from Treasure Agent 3

How to Install

If this article is incorrect or outdated, or omits critical information, please let us know. Fluentd is an open-source project under Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). All components are available under under the Apache License 2.0.

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