Config: Extract Section

Extract section overview

Extract section can be in <match>, <source>, or <filter> sections. It's enabled for plugins which support extracting values from the event record.

@type exec
# parameters for input plugin
# extract section parameters

extract section parameter

Extract parameters

  • tag_key (string) (optional): the field name to extract tag

    • Default: nil

  • keep_tag_key (bool) (optional): if true keep the field in the record after extract value

    • Default: false

  • time_key (string) (optional): the field name to extract time

    • Default: nil

  • keep_time_key (bool) (optional): if true keep the field in the record after extract value

    • Default: false

Time parameters

  • time_type (enum) (optional): parse/format value according to this type

    • Default: float

    • Available values: float, unixtime, string

      • float: seconds from Epoch + nano seconds (e.g. 1510544836.154709804)

      • unixtime: seconds from Epoch (e.g. 1510544815)

      • string: use format specified by time_format, local time or time zone

  • time_format (string) (optional): process value using specified format. This is available only when time_type is string

    • Default: nil

    • Available time format:

      • For more details about formatting, see Time#strftime

      • For more details about parsing, see Time.strptime

      • %iso8601 (only for parsing)

      • Use %N to parse/format subsecond, because strptime does not support %3N, %6N, %9N, and %L

  • localtime (bool) (optional): if true, use local time. Otherwise, UTC is used. This is exclusive with utc.

    • Default: true

  • utc (bool) (optional): if true, use UTC. Otherwise, local time is used. This is exclusive with localtime.

    • Default: false

  • timezone (string) (optional): use specified timezone. one can parse/format the time value in the specified timezone.

    • Default: nil

    • Available time zone format:

      1. [+-]HH:MM (e.g. "+09:00") (recommended)

      2. [+-]HHMM (e.g. "+0900")

      3. [+-]HH (e.g. "+09")

      4. Region/Zone (e.g. "Asia/Tokyo")

      5. Region/Zone/Zone (e.g. "America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires")

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