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out_file Formatter Plugin

The out_file formatter plugin outputs time, tag and json record separated by a delimiter.


This format is a default format of out_file plugin.

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delimiter (String, Optional, default to “\t”(TAB))

Delimiter for each field. “SPACE”(‘ ’) and “COMMA”(‘,’) are supported.

output_tag (Boolean, Optional, defaults to true)

Output tag field if true,

output_time (Boolean, Optional, defaults to true)

Output time field if true,

include_time_key (Boolean, Optional, defaults to false)

If true, the time field (as specified by the time_key parameter) is kept in the record.

time_key (String, Optional, defaults to “time”)

The field name for the time key.

time_format (String. Optional)

By default, the output format is iso8601 (e.g. “2008-02-01T21:41:49”). One can specify their own format with this parameter.

include_tag_key (Boolean. Optional, defaults to false)

If true, the tag field (as specified by the tag_key parameter) is kept in the record.

tag_key (String, Optional, defaults to “tag”)

The field name for the tag key.

localtime (Boolean. Optional, defaults to true)

If true, use local time. Otherwise, UTC is used. This parameter is overwritten by the utc parameter.

timezone (String. Optional)

By setting this parameter, one can parse the time value in the specified timezone. The following formats are accepted:

  1. [+-]HH:MM (e.g. “+09:00”)
  2. [+-]HHMM (e.g. “+0900”)
  3. [+-]HH (e.g. “+09”)
  4. Region/Zone (e.g. “Asia/Tokyo”)
  5. Region/Zone/Zone (e.g. “America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires”)

The timezone set in this parameter takes precedence over localtime**, e.g., if localtime is set to true but timezone is set to +0000, UTC would be used.


tag:    app.event
time:   1362020400t
record: {"host":"","size":777,"method":"PUT"}

This incoming event is formatted to:

Last updated: 2017-09-22 19:05:51 +0000

Versions | v0.14 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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