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Formatter Overview

Fluentd has 7 types of plugins: Input, Parser, Filter, Output, Formatter, Storage and Buffer. This article gives an overview of Formatter Plugin.

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Sometimes, the output format for an output plugin does not meet one’s needs. Fluentd has a pluggable system called Formatter that lets the user extend and re-use custom output formats.

How To Use

For an output plugin that supports Formatter, the <format> directive can be used to change the output format.

For example, by default, out_file plugin outputs data as

2014-08-25 00:00:00 +0000<TAB><TAB>{"k1":"v1", "k2":"v2"}

However, if you set @type json in <format> like this

  @type file
  path /path/to/file
    @type json

The output changes to

{"time": "2014-08-25 00:00:00 +0000", "tag":"", "k1:"v1", "k2":"v2"}

i.e., each line is a single JSON object with “time” and “tag fields to retain the event’s timestamp and tag.

See this section to learn how to develop a custom formatter.

List of Built-in Formatters

List of Output/Filter Plugins with Formatter Support

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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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