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csv Formatter Plugin

The csv formatter plugin output an event as CSV.


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type default version
array of string required parameter 0.14.0

Specify output fields

delimiter (String, Optional. defaults to “,”)

type default version
string , 0.14.0

Delimiter for values.

Use \t or TAB to specify tab character.


type default version
bool true 0.14.0

If false, value won’t be framed by quotes.


type default version
bool true 0.14.12

Add \n to the result.


  @type csv
  fields host,method

With this configuration:

tag:    app.event
time:   1362020400
record: {"host":"","size":777,"method":"PUT"}

This incoming event is formatted to:


With force_quotes false, the result is:,PUT\n
Last updated: 2019-03-22 16:48:09 +0000

Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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