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LTSV Parser Plugin

The ltsv parser plugin parses LTSV format.

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See Parse section configurations


type default version
string “\t” 0.14.0

The delimiter character (or string) of TSV values


type default version
regexp nil 1.2.0

The delimiter pattern of TSV values. This paramter overwrites delimiter paramter if specified.

delimiter_pattern is string type before 1.2.0.


type default version
string : 0.14.0

The delimiter character between field name and value

Example for LTSV

time:2013/02/28 12:00:00\thost:\treq_id:111\tuser:-

This incoming event is parsed as:

1362020400 (2013/02/28/ 12:00:00)

  "host"   : "",
  "req_id" : "111",
  "user"   : "-"

If you set null_value_pattern '-' in the configuration, user field becomes nil instead of "-".

Example with delimiter_pattern

Incoming event:

timestamp=1362020400 host=  req_id=111 user=-

Configuration to parse above incoming event:

  @type ltsv
  delimiter_pattern /\s+/
  label_delimiter =

The incoming event is parsed as:

  "timestamp": "1362020400",
  "host"     : "",
  "req_id"   : "111",
  "user"     : "-"
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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3) | v0.12 (td-agent2)

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