Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3)

td-agent v2 vs. td-agent v3

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Supported Platforms

Treasure Data, Inc. maintains stable packages for Fluentd and canonical plugins as Treasure Agent (the package is called td-agent). td-agent has v2 and v3. td-agent v2 for the production and v3 is the new stable version for working with ruby 2.4 and fluetnd v1 series.

v2 v3
RedHat/CentOS 5
RedHat/CentOS 6/7
Ubuntu Precise
Ubuntu Trusty
Ubuntu Xenial
Ubuntu Bionic
Debian Wheezy
Debian Jessie
Debian Stretch

* means these distributions are supported but not released yet.


Major feature updates to td-agent v3 are as follows.

  • Ruby 2.4
  • Fluentd v1
  • Updated for the core libraries, msgpack,, etc.
  • Windows support
  • Drop older distributions and non-popular plugins
  • Remove fluentd-ui. This will be released as separated td-agent-ui package

td-agent v3 is now stable version

Fluentd v1 is the new stable version.

How to Install

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Versions | v1.0 (td-agent3)

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